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"I’m so glad we chose Kelsy to help us meet baby Abigail. The first time I met her I knew she was exactly the type of support I hoped for – we clicked right away. Kelsy was present throughout the whole process – including spending time teaching my husband and me coping techniques a couple weeks ahead of Abigail's birth– like the ice cube game, then getting to know my family after baby Abigail was born, and visiting us a couple weeks after she was born. 
I learned from Kelsy that a couple of the most important things I could do in labor are to move as much as I can, and listen to music – even to “escape” into the music so that I could fully accept and relax into labor. Kelsy also taught my husband how to squeeze my hips in order to reduce the intensity of contractions. She also taught me about using warm compresses to ease the “ring of fire” during the pushing phase – which helped me a lot.

We ended up having a super-fast labor – my regular active-labor contractions only lasted 1 hour before it was time to leave for the hospital and by the time we got to the hospital, I was nearly ready to push. Kelsy knew when it was time and Abigail was born about 25 minutes after arriving at the hospital.  

Kelsy is a light – full of encouragement, enthusiasm and love! I’m so thankful for her!"

Kate C. 

Snoqualmie, WA 

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