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Why birth photography? Most people hire a photographer for their wedding day. It’s a beautiful, momentous occasion that marks one of the biggest days of your life. I think giving birth is just as important an event!


I love capturing the excitement, the anticipation, and the tender exchanges between you and your partner during labor. I absolutely love the precious moment when you meet and snuggle your baby for the first time and all of the exciting moments following the birth, too… finding out the gender, the size, and meeting the rest of the family (especially any big brother and sisters)! Oh, and the grandparents- so many emotions as they see their baby's baby. 


What precious moments that so often are missed because there’s just not enough hands. I want to capture these moments for you. They cannot be recreated and they should be celebrated and remembered forever! There is just nothing quite as  beautiful as a new baby entering the world!

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+ on call from 37-42 weeks 

+ coffee date to get to know each other      and talk birth! 

+ 100-200 professionally edited photos

+ I start documenting from active labor

   ( 6+ centimeters) until 2 hours after the      birth

+ 6-7 minute video slideshow of images      and live video to music

+ private online gallery of images to              share and download 



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