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As your doula, I will make sure you are educated about the birth process, empowered to know your choices and advocate for them, and supported- both physically and emotionally as you welcome your new baby into the world! Finding the right doula comes down to finding the right fit. It is an honor to be welcomed onto your birth team to support you during this unique time and you need to feel comfortable with everyone you invite into your birth space.

I like to start with a coffee date. You and your partner/support person (s)  can come ( if you have one)  ask questions, get a feel for my personality and see if we're a good match. Your partner knows you the best and is a vital part of your birth experience so I always value getting to know them as well.  


I focus our prenatal visits on finding the best comfort techniques to support you during the waves of labor. I'm also there to make sure your partner is present during the birth of baby and will have opportunities to rest and eat. 

I'm on call 2 weeks before your estimated due date until baby is born. By that time we'll be good friends and you can update me with any changes or signs of labor. I'll help you determine when labor has started, how to get through early labor, decide when it's "go time" and provide emotional and physical support during labor and delivery.  I stay with you through the golden hour and we schedule a postpartum visit to process your birth.

Most client's choose to add-on Birth Photos to their Doula Support and our postpartum visit is a great time to talk through your birth experience and the photos will help you fill in all the details you may not have noticed in the moment. 

Send me your info below and we can meet for a cup of coffee to talk about your birth goals and see if we're a good fit!


+ coffee date interview or FaceTime

+ 2  prenatal meetings ( 1 virtual and 1 in person)

+ private childbirth class (comfort measures)

+ on call from 38-42 weeks

+ resources to fit your needs

+ continuous birth support  from the start of uncomfortable labor until two hours after birth 

+ 1 postpartum visit ( you can add -on more) 

+ breastfeeding support 

+ birth plan support 

                     BASIC DOULA PACKAGE 



+ 2 prenatals for birth plan and childbirth education

+ total labor support and two hours after care

+ labor + birth photos + baby's first moments 

+ one postpartum for help with breastfeeding + emotional support 

* if scheduled C section- I add in an extra photo session since the support is planned


                 DELUXE DOULA PACKAGE 

                                 $ 2500

You get everything in the Basic Doula Package but I also include a video of still shots and live videos of your birth for you! 

You can also choose to include a either a maternity or newborn shoot or a 3 hour birth class to cover birth plan questions, baby positioning for an easier labor, and basic breastfeeding.  




Everything the Deluxe Doula Package offers 

+ a maternity and newborn shoot. 

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